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Info: Aerospace in Berlin-Brandenburg

The aerospace industry has a long history in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. It all began 120 years ago with trial flights made by aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal. Since then, the capital region has successfully positioned itself as Germany’s third largest aerospace competency centre with more than 185 companies and organisations within the sector.

Representative of the region is the wide spectrum of businesses actively working mostly in the fields of

  • Propulsion technology development and production
  • Light aircraft construction
  • Aircraft servicing and maintenance
  • Production of small satellites and satellite subsystems.
  • Testing, development and production-related services, as well as research, development and application of unmanned flight systems (drones) as well as
  • New Space.

 The Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Allianz works together with the Transport, Mobility and Logistics cluster management to further strengthen the region in the stated sectors. Alongside already established fields, new specialisms are also gaining importance in the region. The development of alternative and low emission concepts for aircraft and aircraft propulsion technologies in Berlin and Brandenburg has shown itself to be a particularly innovative and promising field.

Of key importance in demonstrating the aerospace competencies within the region to an international audience is the ILA Berlin. The ILA takes place every two years in Berlin, attracting more than 1000 exhibitors. It has become one of the world’s largest and leading innovation fairs for the aerospace industry. 

Employing around 17,000 people, the aerospace sector is one of the main drivers of growth in the capital region. Aviation in particular is one of the main exports for the state of Brandenburg. In 2018, products and services for the aerospace industry totalled more than 1.5 billion euros, representing around 12 percent of Brandenburg’s total exports.